Sunday, March 19, 2006

An Amazing Study

Assalamu alaikum,

My inspiration for this blog is the amazing lessons that I have been fortunate enough to attend and benefit from (Alhamdulillah). I am of course referring to the daroos of al Tajrid al Sarih, the Abdridged Saheeh al-Bukhari by Shaykh Abu Yusuf Riyadh ul Haq . The lessons take place each Friday evening at Al Kawthar Academy, Leicester, UK (

The study is unique because firstly Saheeh al-Bukhari has never been taught before in this manner in English to the public. Secondly, the Shaykh gives the fiqh rulings that are derived from the hadeeth being studied according to all four major schools of fiqh, as well as mentioning any fringe opinions in the ummah. Furthermore, the blessing derived from listening to and learning the noble words of our Prophet (saw) are innumberable.

The Shaykh has an authentic and unbroken chain of narration (sanad) which I have included below as this is the first blog about the dars. As this has been transcribed from the Shaykh's talk (Lesson 3), please forgive me if there are any mistakes.

Currently, the Shaykh is up to Hadith 529 (The Book of the Two Eids). More to follow about the study soon insha'Allah.

Please remember me in your duas.



Shaykh Abu Yusuf Riyadh ul Haq said

"Shaykh Islam ul Haq (rahimullah) narrated to us

from Mufti Kifayatullah

from Shaykh ul Hind Mufti Mahmood ul Hassan

from Maulana Qasim An Nanotwi

from Shah Abdul Ghani ad Dehlawi

from Shah Muhammad Ishaq ad Dehlawi

from Shah Abdul Aziz ad Dehlawi

from Shah Waliyullah ad Dehlawi

from Shaykh Abu Tahir al Madani

from his father Ibrahim al Madani

from Shaykh Ahmad al Qashashi

from Ahmad bin Quoddous an Shanawi

from Shaykh Shams ad Din al Rumli

from Al Shaykh Al Hafidh Zainu’d-Din Zakariyya al Ansari

from Hafidh ibn Hajr Al Asqalani

from Ibrahim bin Ahmad At Tanuqi

from Abul Abbas Ahmadun Abi Talib al Hajjar

from Siraj ibn Hussain ibn Mubarak az Zibidi

from Shaykh Abul Waqf Abdul Awal ibne Isa Al Harawi

from Shaykh Abdur Rahman ibne Magafara Dawoodi

from Abu Muhammad Abdulullah Sarafsi

from Abu Abdillah Muhammad ibn Yusuf al Farabari

from Abu Abdillah Muhammad ibn Ismaeal bin Ibrahim bin Mughira bin Bardisba Al Bukhari Al Juhthi (rahimullah) who says hadathana Humaydi Abu Abdillah az-Zubair Qala Hadathana Sufyan, Abu Abdillah az-Zubair al Humadi related to us from Sufyan who said Yahya bin Sa’eed al Ansari related to us that Muhammad bin Ibrahim at Tamie related to us that Alqama bin Waqqas al Laythi related to us, he says I heard Ameerul Muh’mineen Umar ibnul Khattab (radi'Allah ta’ala anho) upon the mimbar say “I heard the Messenger (salallahu alayhi wasalaam) say "inaamal a’maalu bin niyaat wa inaamah li quli ma nawah fa man qanat hijrahtuhu ilah dunya yu seebuha aw imra’ahtun yun kifuha fa hijratuhu elah ma haajara iley

So this is the first hadeeth of Saheeh al-Bukhari with the complete chain from myself to Imam Bukhari (rahmatullah alaihi)…………………..Deeds are by intentions, (therefore) and a man will only receive what he has intended, so whoever’s hijrah is to the dunya that he wishes to acquire or a woman that he seeks to marry then his hijrah is to that which he has intended."



Imran said...

Subhanallah. May Allah make this a source of guidance for the ummah and reward those who have put the time in. Ameen.

soulscripture said...

MashaAllaah, May Allah reward the intention behind this and give us all the tawfiq to learn and implement. Ameen

Abu Eesa said...

Masha'Allah was a very good Dars, keep up the good work brother and add summary here if you can Jazak'Allah.

Anonymous said...

Slaams, What a wonderful inspirational list mashallah.
Keep up the good work mashallah. Allahumma zid fa zid khairan.

Please take note there are some mistakes in the way the hadith is written and i think there is a written mistake in the sanad. (It's meaning is right but the way it is written is'nt quite correct).